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What is it?

eRoom is an innovative cloud-based system that allows hotel and B&B to completely and remotely automatize every single step in the booking process, starting from the booking phase to the check-out, going through the housekeeping process. Manage thesee processes is easy thank to a user friendly interface which run on your browser; no software installation needed.


Today’s scenario every day propose new challenges, focusing on essentially, increasing efficiency and the reduction of costs. These challenges have created many possibilities in the market.

The increased competitiveness in the hotel industry implies to pay attention to fix costs such as staff; eRoom’s software allows you to decrease the costs under the voice “staff”, bringing them to the minimum needed and always related the usage rate.

The actual technology gives us the possibility to automatize all the processes and manage them through a pc and an Internet connection.

How is it composed and how does it work?


The website of eroom is based on a flexible template, which is adaptable to your specific customization needs and which allows the management of several hotels. Compatible with several modes of payment, it is able to communicate with different online travel agencies and service providers. Simplicity and clarity are at the base. The solution is cloud-based and accessible through browser and the interface results easy to examine.

Hotel Manager

The online manager module allows the setting of all the following parameters:

Type of room, min/max price, seasonality, occaption, discounts. The most remunerative solution is automatically selected.
Simple interface for your customers
Availability page always available

The online reservation process allows to select the type of room, the extra services, the number of guests and the period of stay. The software calculates the best combination.

Check In/Check Out

The check-in occurs through a Qr code and a dedicated hardware; customers only need to insert their ID card and pose a signature. At the end of the stay, customers will do the check-out, printing a discount voucher for the next reservation.


When a guest complete the check-out, a notification email is automatically sent to the cleaning staff, which will be in charge of cleaning up the room, and to notify the system when the room is again available for the next guest or if it requires a maintenance intervention.

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Northwall is a Swiss society that provides software to automatize certain processes, allowing the customers to reduce fixed costs related to the current business.

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